Michael Hernandez — Illustrator + Graphic & Web Designer based in Tampa, FL


The Tornier On-Demand site was designed to help Tornier employees order their Stationery and Marketing Collateral. This was a unique site build because they already had a website that had all the existing marketing material called MyTornier. The challenge here was to bridge the MyTornier site with the Tornier On-Demand Site. The solution was through the use of a Single Sign On extension. This allowed Tornier to pass users from their MyTornier site through specific products to the same product on our TOD site. The user can then order the Printed version through our TOD site.

To add to the complication of this site build we also had to offer Group and Individual Budgets to the users. Group Budgets did not exist at the time so we contracted a Developer to help build a custom extension to bridge the Group with the Individual Budget extension. I worked closely with the developer to try to tie in the Single Sign On process and Group / Individual Budgets extension.

In the end we came up with a solution through the Single Sign On process that allowed the MyTornier site to pass User Profile information, assigned Group Approvers, Product to Product, and Category to Category transition between the 2 different sites. The monthly budget process became extremely complicated due to all of these factors, but I was able to simplify it enough through a manual workflow. I handle the budget resets for Group and Individual Budgets at the 1st of each month.

RoleConfigured site options, Site Skinning, Testing, and Engineered Customizable Templates ForTornier (formerly Orthohelix)
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Tornier On-Demand Welcome Page

Tornier On-Demand Reporting Page

Tornier On-Demand Reporting Page : Group and Individual Reporting Extension

Tornier On-Demand Reporting Page : Product Popularity Extension

Tornier Corporate Business Card Template Form Fills

Tornier Corporate Business Card Template : Users are allowed to download Password Protected & Low Resolution PDF for Review

Demo of Entire Tornier On-Demand Workflow