Michael Hernandez — Illustrator + Graphic & Web Designer based in Tampa, FL

NJCU Projects : Early Graduate School

Illustration and Design

A collection of Graduate class projects at NJCU. I did not finish my Masters due to the cost of education but this was my initial attempt at starting the Masters of Arts process.

I came away from this experience really appreciating the marriage that I tried to create between Illustration and Graphic design. One day maybe when I can afford it or when I am 60 years old.

Gothic Knights on Parade Flyer : submitted wooden shield with the “Batman Reading in the Dark” Illustrated by mhind

UCDA Project #1 : Skateboard Illustration by mhind

UCDA Project # 2 : Photo by mhind

The Art of Self Promotion Event Flyer : Illustration by mhind

Logo submissions for NJCU Diamond Club

Type Illustration of Roberto Deviq created for Presentation